Adoption – Debilitated Green Sea Turtles


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Patients: 7 to choose from!
Date: March 27, 2024
Location: Northeast Florida
Circumstances: Debilitated Green Sea Turtles

Gulf World Marine Institute (GWMI) recently received 15 juvenile green sea turtles from northeast Florida. The sea turtles were found stranded on shore and immediately received exams and medical assessments by various northeast Florida rehabilitation facilities. In order to free up needed space at these facilities for other patients, the turtles were transported to GWMI.

Most of these turtles had an overload of epibiota (organisms that live on the surface of other organisms) and were found to be very lethargic. They’ve been receiving fresh water baths to help safely remove the overload of barnacles and other epibiota. To aid in their rehabilitation, they’re also receiving vitamins, fluids, medications (if necessary) and restaurant quality diets, (fish and squid). GWMI will continue to treat these animals until they are ready for release.

We want to thank the following facilities for their help and coordination in this effort: Brevard Zoo, Sea Turtle Hospital at Whitney Lab, Volusia County Marine Science Center, and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Thanks to all of our dedicated volunteers as well!

*There are currently 7 patients to choose from on the drop down menu! Each of these turtles is unique; it’ll be hard to choose just one, so you can choose more than one to make it easier! Check them all out!

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