Adoption – Brimsley

Date: October 3, 2023
Location: St. Andrews State Park fishing pier
Circumstances: hooked, previous trauma
In the evening on October 2, GWMI received word from the FWC wildlife hotline that another sea turtle was in trouble! A family that had been doing some late night fishing accidentally hooked one. Quick contact with the family allowed for the animal to be stabilized on-site with the help of local law enforcement.
It is very fortunate that “Brimsley” was found by the family when he/she was! Not only was this sea turtle accidentally hooked, but he/she had recently suffered a traumatic event that led to scarring. Wounds on the neck, carapace (top shell), and the left front flipper show that this turtle is a figher! The left front flipper is in such bad shape, it is basically completely missing! Fortunately, the wounds had already begun to heal when Brimsley was rescued, and the veterinary team at GWMI is regularly conducting wound care and administering antibiotics to prevent infection. Brimsley is currently in a shallow water habitat, and is swimming ok. Brimsley has not regained an appetite yet, but that is very normal early in the rehabilitation process.
Gulf World Marine Institute is very grateful to Brimsley’s rescuers for calling us, and for staying with him/her until help could arrive that night!