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International Coastal Clean-up Day

In honor of International Coastal Clean-up Day, Gulf World Marine Institute teamed up to make a difference. Gulf World Marine Institute, Gulf World Marine Park, Diver’s Den, and Keep PCB Beautiful combined their forces. The organizations came together to host a beach clean-up on Saturday, September 15th at Treasure Island Marina. Participants were invited to clean along the shoreline or the waters by kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling or diving the area of North Lagoon. Thanks to Treasure Island Marina, we had direct access to a highly boated area. Nate’s Sanitation also provided free trash pickup for the event.
Here are some of our favorite photos from the event. Remember, it does not have to be an international event for you to help your local waterways. Our beaches and waterways lead directly to the Gulf of Mexico, where so many amazing species live. Doing our part to clean the beaches helps to protect their home, and helps the Gulf of Mexico to thrive.