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Date: November 11, 2019
Location: St. Andrews State Park, near the jetties
Circumstances: severe entanglement of right front flipper
On Veteran’s Day, “Major” was spotted near the jetties into St. Andrews Bay. His rescuers noticed that, while he seemed to be behaving normally, he did have a large amount of fishing gear wrapped around his right front flipper. Knowing that this was dangerous for Major’s health, they contacted Florida Fish and Wildlife Law Enforcement, who then contacted Gulf World Marine Institute (GWMI). GWMI staff instructed the officers to leave the gear in place until he was brought to our facility. By leaving the gear intact, the wound was protected; this also gave the rescue team a chance to remove the gear safely.
Upon arrival at Gulf World, Major was given a full health exam; this includes bloodwork, x-rays, fluids, and veterinary assessment. After the gear was removed, he was placed on antibiotics to treat any infections from the injury, and he spent the night resting inside. Because he was still active the next morning, Major was transferred to water for observation. So far, he is managing his water depth well, and is able to use the injured flipper.
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