Kite – Adoption


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Date: May 1, 2022
Location: near Russell-Fields City Pier, Bay County, Florida
Circumstances: net interaction
Gulf World Marine Institute (GWMI) received word of a subadult loggerhead sea turtle that was struggling. “Kite” was observed swimming within a circular net near the City Pier. Some fishermen on the pier were able to retrieve both turtle and the net, and Kite was brought to the rehabilitation facility.
Kite is behaving like a classic pier-caught turtle, even though the circumstances of his/her rescue are unusual. Kite’s appetite is already improving greatly! He/she has extensive barnacle coverage, which might indicate that Kite is working through illness. Also, because of some imbalances in Kite’s bloodwork, he/she has been put on antibiotics. Variations in values like white blood cell counts can be a sign of infection, which the veterinary staff must treat.
Finally, Kite does have a hook within his/her intestines. The veterinary staff can learn this using radiographs (X-ray images). One method to try and treat this problem is to feed the turtle cotton balls, to try and encourage the hook out of the body! The veterinary, rescue, and volunteer staff are monitoring him/her closely to see when the gear comes out of the body.
Thank you to the public who helped to rescue Kite, along with the City Pier staff and Panama City Beach Lifeguards who assisted.