Adoption – Cork


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Date: June 6, 2022
Location: Panama City Beach, Bay County, Florida
Circumstances: floating
“Cork” was a rescue from the Russell-Fields City Pier in early June. A known turtle at the pier, Cork is easily recognizable because of his missing left front flipper. Gulf World Marine Institute (GWMI) received word that Cork was struggling at the surface, and a rescue was completed by the Panama City Beach Lifeguards and GWMI staff.
Upon arrival, the veterinary staff diagnosed one of Cork’s challenges: his body cavity is full of air. Why is this a problem? The air in Cork’s body is not in his lungs, it is everywhere! This means that he floats significantly higher out of the water than he should be able to, and he can not dive. It is because of this that he was given the name “Cork”, as he constantly floats. Additionally, radiographs (X-rays) showed two small circle hooks in Cork’s intestines.
Cork’s case will be a challenging one, and his prognosis is uncertain at this time. The good news is that he can swim (at the surface, at least) of his habitat, and is receiving regular medical attention.
Thank you to the public who helped to rescue Cork, along with the City Pier staff and Panama City Beach Lifeguards who assisted.