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Date: June 26, 2020
Location: Mexico Beach, Florida
Circumstances: suspected vessel-related injury


Gulf World Marine Institute rescued a juvenile Kemp’s ridley sea turtle from Mexico Beach. A family of beach goers noticed the turtle struggling at the surface, and safely secured him on the beach until rescue staff could get there. Bringing him back to the rehabilitation facility, it was immediately clear that Burt had suffered some trauma. There is a cut on his head that extends to his left front carapace (top shell). This is likely due to a boat strike; the injury had begun to heal when he was found.
During the first few days of his rehabilitation, Burt received specialized treatment to his head injuries. These included wound debridement, honey, and specialized bandages. After being given a low water level (in order to keep the wound site dry), the shoulder injury was cleaned out.
With continued progress, Burt is now in a full water habitat. He stays at the surface, which is likely an affect of his injury. However, he has begun to eat full capelin and some squid with some energy! This is very promising, and we will continue to update on his condition.


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