Adoption – Shamrock


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Date: March 17, 2022
Location: St. Joseph Bay, Gulf County, Florida
Circumstances: blunt force trauma
Gulf World Marine Institute (GWMI) received word of a juvenile sea turtle that was found floating near the shore in St. Joseph Bay. The turtle was found by a guest of the State Park on the tip of Cape San Blas, and communications between many asset providers (listed below) allowed for a quick transport of the animal to GWMI. He/she arrived on St. Patrick’s Day, and so was given the fitting name of “Shamrock”.
Shamrock experienced blunt force trauma (source unknown) to the head. The injury is critical, but he/she is maintaining an energetic attitude. The injury has been packed veterinary staff recheck it daily. He/she is doing well in shallow water so far, and we will continue to monitor their progress. In addition to the trauma, some fibropapillomatosis tumors are on Shamrock’s flippers, and so care will be taken to isolate him/her, and treat the tumors if they progress.
Thank you to St. Joseph Peninsula State Park staff, along with members of the United States Geological Survey, local turtle patrol members, and for assistance with the rescue and transport of Shamrock.

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