Adoption – Ronaldo


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Date: August 17, 2022
Location: Russell-Fields City Pier, Panama City Beach, Bay County, Florida
Circumstances: hooked
“Ronaldo” is our most recent pier-caught loggerhead sea turtle this season! One of Ronaldo’s hooks was able to be removed from the mouth. The second hook, which is located further inside the intestines, will be treated with methods other than surgery.
Each sea turtle case is special, and Ronaldo is no exception. A very feisty and “thick” turtle, Ronaldo required a large amount of sedative prior to the removal of the first hook. He recovered quickly. This is a good sign, as it means Ronaldo had energy at the time of the surgery. Additionally, Ronaldo’s name comes from a unique source. While travelling back to Gulf World from Jaime Lannister’s release a few weeks ago, the GWMI van experienced significant maintenance problems, leaving us on the side of the road! Thankfully, a wonderful passerby stopped, and proceeded to spend the next few hours getting our vehicle in shape to drive back home. As a thank you for the help, he and his family chose Ronaldo’s name.
A special thank you to the lifeguards who helped to rescue Ronaldo, and to the local who we were lucky enough to encounter when we ourselves were “stranded”.
A photo of Ronaldo showing his good body condition.