Adoption – Oceanna


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Date: June 8, 2022
Location: Panama City Beach, Bay County, Florida
Circumstances: entangled
Being brought in on World Ocean’s Day was only too appropriate for “Oceanna”. Her stranding can teach us a lesson about the importance of cleaning up after ourselves while visiting our local beaches. Found struggling near the sand bar, Oceanna was entangled in a wad of “marine debris”. In his/her case, the wad included a lot of plastic fishing gear, some metal bars, and some metal fishing hooks. The entanglement was wrapped around both of Oceanna’s front flippers, as well as his/her neck!
Upon arrival, the veterinary staff at Gulf World Marine Institute quickly removed the metal bars from around Oceanna’s neck, and began to carefully remove the fishing line wrapping tightly around the flippers. Both flippers show deep tissue damage from the injury, but thankfully the injuries do not extend into the bone. This means that, while Oceanna has a long road to recovery ahead, he/she can still use the front flippers for swimming!
Oceanna is swimming well in a shallow water habitat, although has not developed a strong appetite yet. This is normal when sea turtles are first brought into rehabilitation, especially when they are fighting injuries or illness. Oceanna receives regular medical care, including a cold laser therapy treatment that will help to encourage faster healing of the entanglement injuries.
A special thank you to the beach jetski vendors who rescued Oceanna from the surf! Thank you also to the PCB lifeguards for their part in his/her transport to GWMI.