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Bentin web

Species: Green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas)
Rescued: 5/28/17
Weight upon admittance: 4 lbs

Bentin came to Gulf World on May 28th from the Panama City Marina after a fisherman found the sea turtle abnormally floating and unable to dive. Due to an extensive shell deformity Bentin was been taken for a variety of internal scans including MRI and CT scans. The animal’s internal organs are shifted due the deformity of the shell. The animal is being monitored daily for swimming and diving ability at this time.

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fabio bright web
Species: Green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas)
Rescued: 2/28/17
Weight upon admittance: 44 lbs

Fabio was brought into GWMI after being entangled in fishing line in 2009.  Vet staff found the mono-filament line wrapped around his left front flipper and some had been ingested.  The left front flipper was severely damaged and had to be amputated.  The turtle was successfully released in the Gulf of Mexico after recovery.  In February of 2017, Fabio was found in Saint Andrews State Park.  The turtle’s carapace, or upper shell, had been damaged by a boat strike. The turtle is being treated with antibiotics and  beeswax and recovering at GWMI.

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(Please state “I want to adopt Fabio”, and specify whether this is a gift, providing name and address of recipient)

Adopted Sponsors: Aerial Payne, Alyssa Ferrell, McKinsey Mills, Jodi Kane, Jensen Tomlinson, Rylee and Reese Warren, Stephenie Achelpohl, Ella Stone